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We offer you 3 important self-helping tools all impactful to you.



*  Self-Help Reflexology Hand Qi Chart

*  Pureland Qi Gong Re-energize in 5 minutes  

*  Check for the Best Food, Supplement  to Eat  and EMF with Egyptian Dowsing 

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Calendar of Events

What's New - Carrot Common

Private Sessions: Wed (Carrot Common)

Special Chi Gong Workshops at the Carrot Common

Sun June 4 - Joy & Abundance Workshop

Sun Jun 4 - Eye Chi Gong Workshop

Open House - Toronto Botanical Garden

May 13 Sat - Open House - 10-6pm with various speakers by donations

Toronto - Thornhill

Facebook Live Weekly Thursday 8.45pm EST 5.45pm PDT 6.45pm MDT

Weekly Class: Mon/Thurs. 7pm

May 14 Sun  1-Day workshop Sat  10.30 Joy & Abundance Qi Gong Level 1

May 14  Sun Tai Chi Qi Gong Workshop 3-5pm

Learn how to send Chi "Fa Chi Level 1" Certification: June 17/18  9.30am (4 hour day)

Chi Gong for Yoga: June 24/25 (4 hour day)

Medical Chi Gong for Healthcare Professionals and Therapist: June 24/25 (3.5 hour day)

May 14 Sun -  Classic Chi Gong (2 workshops) at Thornhill

May 13 Open House web


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  • CALGARY 2017

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The Teacher You have Been Looking For

Master Teresa Yeung Generational Chi Gong Master

20 Years of Chi Gong. Successor to Grandmaster Wu's Linkage 5,000 years of Chi Gong. Creator of Wu's Eye Qi Gong Program. She enjoys travelling to different cities to expand her teachings and show people how to be in charge of their life with the help of Chi Gong.

Jacqueline Chan Teen and Youth Mentor

From the age of 7, she has been practicing Chi Gong and Tai Chi alongside with her mother, Master Teresa and Grandmaster Wu. She is a qualified Chi Gong Instructors. Besides being a graduate of Master of Pscyhology with honours. Jacqueline enjoyed supporting teens and youth.

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