Open House Invitation

May 13 Saturday from 10-6pm

Location: Studios (2nd floor), Toronto Botanical Garden, 777 Lawrence Avenue East/Leslie

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Mastermind Speakers and Healers

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Two Classic Workshops on Sunday May 14

Register in advance and limited to 30 attendees





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Master Teresa Yeung (11.15am/2.30pm Reduce Stress with Chi Gong; 5.30pm Group Chi Healing) is a generational and international chi gong master, author, speaker, healer, medical intuitive with special healing and scanning ability. She is the founder of the Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong offering cutting edge teachings for personal, professional certifications and online program. Her students are spiritual and seekers of natural healings including reiki masters, therapists, practitioners, healthcare professionals, nutritionists, physicians, naturuopaths, professor doctors, engineers and scientists. She was a dedicated student of the Wu Weizhao Chi Gong lineage. Wu was a distinguished Chi Gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® helped millions of people.  She is an approved provider of the U.S.A. National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) for continuing education professional development activity.


Dr. Jasmine Gercke (Dr. Jazz  10.45am & 1.45pm Your Breath is your Life) is a Traditionally Trained Hatha Yoga Master with her PhD in Psychology and Therapeutic Counseling she continues to practice a holistic approach of medicine to make a difference.  She Is an expert contributor In media outlets such as MAtv, The Gazette, Radio-Canada, CTV. Dr. Jazz shares her story and wisdom through her speaking events “ Your Breath Is Your Lifeline.”

dave watson

Dave Watson (12pm and 3.30pm Deep Trance Live Channeling Reading) is life strategist, psychotherapist, master channeler and author - with over 40 years of experience in balancing the psychological and emotional bodies, he carries extensive experience and an incredible tool box of knowledge. His accurate deep trance readings have helped many people who feel stuck in life find direction and gain insight. Unlike a tarot card or psychic reading, when Dave channels he uses the Edgar Cayce method, and simply 'goes to sleep' and allows the information to come through him. His clients include psychics, energy healers and professionals who believe in getting counsel and messages from the other side to guide their journey. When you can ask a Question, there will be an Answer.


Jacqueline Chan (12.30pm Child and Youth Development with Chi Gong) is a child psychologist, MA in childhood education. She has been practicing Chi Gong from 7 years old along the side with her mother, Master Teresa and Grandmaster Wu. She has been selected to join the qualitative case study of a SBHC in the Toronto District School Board's Model Schools Paediatric Health Initiative (MSPHI). She is presently working at the St. Michael's Hospital as a Research Coordinator and has been trained in "Narrative Exposure Therapy" (A Short-Term Treatment fo Traumatic Stress Disorders.)  She offers private sessions and group classes balancing children. 


Mike Popovici (10.15am & 4.00pm Empowering Your Energy - Why Emotions are The Key to Increasing your Chi)  is a certified Qi Gong instructor, Fa Chi Si practitioner, energy and crystal healer, and life activation practitioner. At the same time he leads a corporate career as an engineer and manages a team in a production facility. He believes very passionately that every one of us can find a balance between the professional paths we’ve chosen for ourselves, our lives and families, and the personal peace and growth we seek. Learning how to tune into our spirituality can be part of a professional environment it’s all a matter of choosing it and making it your reality.


Master Chen (4.35pm  Introduce Tao Yin Hun Yuan Chi Gong) is Chi Gong Master visiting for a few months from Brazil.  He is an energy Chi healer and the only teacher of this lovely Chi Gong form in North America. He is also highly skilled in clearing spirits for Chi Gong Master visiting for a few months from Brazil.  He is an energy Chi healer and the only teacher of this lovely Chi Gong form in North America. He is also highly skilled in clearing spirits for homes.


Garry Tibbo (1pm and 5pm), is an author of 5 Weeds 5 Trees 5 Tools, a warrior of truth living in Toronto who finds all the health-giving food he needs within a mile of his suburban home and has a DVD to show you how! Broadcast and recorded on Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reilly and Sandra Kyrzakos live on (2013-07j-09). Garry has also been showcased by Markus Rothkranz Check our site for the 24/7 live stream and so much more!


 pei fang

Pei-Fang Tsai is a Toronto Certified Chi-Gong Instructor, Certified Reflexologist, and Indian Head Massage Practitioner.  She has  been working in the community as a registered nurse for more than 15 years, always putting the empowering of patients above all else. Pei-Fang has always believed that a person needs to be viewed and treated holistically, Pei-Fang creates a space for the body to relax and heal itself; at the same time, she educates clients to empower themselves in order to balance their body, mind and soul. Pei-Fang offers Indian Head Massage, Foot Reflexology and Chi Gong classes in the evenings and Sat. mornings.


Dr. Maryam Milani (Ph.D. of BA), she is a certified EFT practitioner (level 1 & 2) and hypnotherapist. She helps individuals who are feeling trapped and stuck in their life to get out of their past and find their authentic self and live their highest potential. It includes almost every aspect of life, such as relationships, anxiety and stress, lack of confidence, struggling with low income, self-doubt, overweight, and so on.She believes in walking her talk, so her work is personal and real. She shares when she falls and then shows you how she got back up. She will be by your side in every step of your journey, back to the truth and light.


Rian Scott,a registered acupuncturist and herbalist through the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO).  He is the Director of  Public Relations and Communication of the The School. He also offers Acupuncture Chi Gong Clinic in various locations.


Erin Dixon as over 17 years in the arts of energy skill, meditation and traditional healing across China, South Korea, Thailand, India, Nepal, Europe and Canada teaching courses for Reiki Mastery.  She has been facilitating healing and events in cancer care hospices, women's shelters, psychiatric hospitals, indigenous communities, temples, wellness centre - in boardrooms, conferences and retreats.  For 10 years, she has been dedicated to the mission of The Seventh Happiness® School of Chi Gong, certified as Senior Chi Gong Instructor and Ancient Fa Chi Si practitioner.  Erin works as Native Awareness Trainer and is passionate about systems change and community healing



Vera Stern was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia from 1999 with extruciating pain and required drug to lessen the pain throughout the years.  Her search for recovery has led her to learn Tai Chi and Chi Gong and since she has become a Tai Chi Instructor. Shibashi and Chi Gong Instructor.  Vera would love to share with you how she clear her pain naturally with Chi Gong.  Vera is Senior Chi Gong Instructor and Fa Chi Si

Inquiries or Book at Session with Master Teresa : 905-707-6558 


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May 14 Sunday 
Classic Chi Gong Day @Thornhill


(1) 10.30am-2:00pm  Classic Overall Health Medical Chi Gong with DVD ($50 value)

You will learn  2 major healings using Master Teresa@ teachings:   

-  Learn a Medical Chi Gong that collects the most Chi and is not difficult to do. Which means learn something that works.

- You learn how to do Chi healing to yourself




(2)  2:30-4:30pm  Classic 7-Style Tai Chi Qi Gong
with DVD ($50 value)
  • The practice of Tai Chi is very beneficial and provides a balance for our well being.
  • Shorten the long and complicated Tai Chi so it becomes a Chi Gong form.
  • This is the best of Tai Chi and Chi Gong in one form ever designed by Grandmaster Wu who was master of the Yang, Wu, Chen and Sun Tai Chi Styles.
  • Beautifully designed to take much less time to remember and practice for your health
  • Only takes 7 minutes to practice one time
  •  Greatly enhance the flow of Chi in any tai chi forms wtith new visualization techniques                                    


Limited Seats 

Sign up now as you may not get all the classes you want, seats will go fast!


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