Workshop 1: Reduce Stress with Chi Gong Workshop Part 1 (10.30am -Noon): Free

DVD for home practice is available for purchase.

Workshop 2: Learn Self-Healing and Send Chi To Yourself Workshop (12.30-2pm) Cost: $45

Workshop 3:  Eye  Chi Gong  (2:30-4pm)

A 4,000 people research study on the eye in China with over 90% success rate. 

Please view here 

DVD for home practice will be given as part of the class.Cost: $150 with DVDS included

(DVDs are usually sold for $150 separately.  If you wish to have Digital Downloads can be arranged too.) 


Workshop 4: Group Deep Trance Reading on World Issues, Political Uncertainty, Terrorism (5-7pm)

dave watson    

Join Dave Watson and his channeled source The Willows for an introduction to the channeling experience at downtown Toronto.

Dave is a world class Channeler, author and workshop leader who has over 30 years of experience in the field. Join him as he demystifies the Channeling process and shares valuable insights that will help you on your life journey.

Bring a question or two that you would like answered in your life and have the Willows provide you with new perspectives to help you move ahead with greater confidence and understanding.

Spring Special:  $25   $30

For reservations call Dave at 416-899-3600 or 905-707-6558




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