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Heal Your Core Energy - Weekly Qi Gong Tuesday with Master Teresa

 Chi Gong  7pm - 8pm 

Fee: $70 for 4 classes

Register for 4 classes: https://sowl.co/RnaT5

Drop in: $20  Pay at the Door

Joy and Abundance Healing Qi Gong with Master Teresa

1 Time Learn to Self-Heal with Chi Gong Workshop with DVD or digital download ($50 value)
July 19 Thursday   7-9:30pm  $75 https://sowl.co/43Ksb

Group Healing or Class with Master Teresa (3 persons only):

I know you like to learn something and also get special attention and quality help
Let Master Teresa send Chi to Heal you
Instead of $150 you will be paying $50 and make friends with 2 more clients of Master Teresa.
Time for healing: 1.5 to 2 hours.

Find Peace, Confidence and Health with Master Teresa 

Summer Special: Private Session + Class with Master Teresa

New Special (Thornhill or Carrot Common):  

Three (3) Healing Sessions $300 and Four (4) Group Class $70 or equivalent = $370  (Save at least $150)

Register: https://sowl.co/IgFYP

Webinar/Live Workshop: Learn WaysTo  Balance Your Emotions

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EYE Chi Gong DVDs or Digital Downloads

a 4,000 research studies

- learn how to master your healing to your vision

- step-by-step with the help of home practice dvds

Buy Eye Qi Gong DVDS (3 dvds with a total of 6 videos) $150  https://sowl.co/xgAqL

Buy Eye Qi Gong Digital Downloads (6 videos) $120   https://sowl.co/JndQl

Join any of our Eye workshops anytime if you have purchased the products by giving a donation.

What a great deal! 

If you have any questions, we will not go away, you can always write and ask questions anytiime. We do care a lot about your well being.

Downtown: Carrot Common (Room 205, 320 Danforth Avenue) 

Book Private Session with Master Teresa on Wednesday

Chi Gong: 4.00-5.00pm (small class)

Special Fee: $70 for 4-week class.  ($20 a class)



Emperor's College - Learn to Fa Chi "Send Chi" to Needles Level 1

Aug 11-12  Sat/Sun 9:30-4:00pm Online/In Person

Register with Emperor's College 


Unity of Pasadena 
Aug 14 Tuesday 7-9pm : An Amazing Chi Gong Healing Workshop

Private Sessions:  Aug 15 Wednesday 

Register with Unity: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


LiberateHollywood 3

Success Through Love, Making Positive Choices For Oneself, Reducing Stress & Releasing Difficult Emotions
FACEBOOK EVENT (would not let me put the full name, not enough room sorry!)



Nourish your soul and life purpose 
A new well designed online program is up now
Train Instructors/Healers - www.holisticbusiness.ca


New 50 Interviews: https://www.facebook.com/purelandqigong

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