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Community Barbeque Brings Healing and Hope to People Harmed by Childhood Sexual Abuse.
Master Teresa 58th Happy Birthday brought joy and abundance to the Gatehouse, 2015 
 Thanks Mayor Frank Scarpitti special greetings to the Gatehouse. Brad Hutchison accepted the Lovely Plaque!
Great Vibes RegularSince opening its door in June 1998, The Gatehouse has provided services to over 15,000 people, at no cost to the users.  The Gatehouse does not duplicate services but fills the gaps between services that are not readily available to the victim. The Gatehouse Investigation Support Program (GISP) facilitates a child's disclosure of abuse by recording and videotaping statements which limits the number of times a child has to re-tell their story.  The Gatehouse’s Child and Family Advocate is the main resource for this program.  Interviews are conducted in child friendly neutral surroundings.  There are no time limits for the length of time the house is booked for an interview and no geographical boundaries for usage.  Upon completion of the interview the child/youth is offered cookies and a juice box.  Each child/youth chooses a teddy bear, donated by volunteers and Toronto Police, to take away with them.  The house is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The Gatehouse follow up service assist families by providing them with referral information and provides current up to date resources available within their community.From 2011-2014 collectively, 351 child abuse investigation interviews have been conducted at The Gatehouse, with most of the usage coming from Toronto Police Divisions.  As well, other agencies and police services including Peel, Halton, and the OPP have used The Gatehouse. The Gatehouse also carries out presentations at the Toronto Police College in the Child Abuse Investigators course to raise awareness of The Gatehouse and the services offered.In addition to investigations,
The Gatehouse offer the following innovative programs and initiatives; Child and Youth Wellness Program; Adult Peer Support Program for Men; Adult Peer Support Program for Women; Young Adult Support Program; Adult Co-ed Program; Training of Police,  Child Care, Community health and Justice Professionals, abuse awareness; Peer led drop-in; Partner Support Program; Facilitator Training; Compassion Fatigue Syndrome Training for Professionals;  Documentaries on the issues of sexual abuse; Family Healing Circles as well creating and facilitating an annual International Conference: Transforming Trauma Into Triumph, which are designed to holistically heal mind, body and spirit for all individuals who have directly or indirectly been affected by childhood abuse.  The programs aim to support and sustain new ways of living and new paths for recovery; and work with a myriad of community and social services organizations.



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