Wi-Fi signals use a frequency of 2.4 GHz,
nearly identical to the frequency of microwave ovens (2.45 GHz)
and similar to those of mobile or cell phones
(GSM phones use 1.8 or 1.9 GHz and the UMTS 3G phones use 2.1 GHz).
Sun frequencies are 2.5 times stronger than 50 years ago
We are exposed to all the invisible disruptive frequencies from all the cordless devices



Orgone EMF Protection

What is Orgone energy?

The Orgone energy or Orgone life energy was first discovered by Wilhelm Reich, Biologist in 1930s. Dr. Reich experimented that by stacking alternating layers of organic and inorganic substance would actually attract and collect an energy called orgone energy. Dr. Reich was named as a mad psychiatrist and scientist at his life. He believed he had a cure to cancer using this orgone energy. Dr. Reich was sentenced in prison for 2 years and all his research papers were burned in the order of the court. He died in the prison of a heart attack. Wilhelm Reich, Biologist Book: <


Master Teresa® Chi Activated Orgone Pendant™

Her conclusion “Orgone energy is really Chi” Her Orgone Device is holding Chi and emitting Chi

Even better she is activating the Orgone devices with her refined ChiSignature of thousands of years

How does her Chi Activated Orgone Pyramid or Pendant work?

The devices are chi activated by Master Teresa Yeung.  The device is designed to hold the Chi acting like a DROPBOX and constantly emits a good vibration – chi continuously. Her chi acts like a super gas that you put into the car. The devices constantly neutralizing the wrong vibration in the air . When you wear it on the body, it definitely helps to neutralize the EMF, Wi-Fi dirty energies and the sun high frequencies.

Our Chi Gong students who are sensitive to energy can definitely feel the change in a few days. It is common to feel your mind more clear like you have more energy and feel less tense. It generates the energy automatically and does not really need to be re-charged. Your chi is re-charging the pendant automatically as the chi flows.

Our students feel more grounded, calm and relax with a clearer mind. Some people find that they can work more efficient and work longer  if they want. When you receive the pendant, you can just put it in your pocket for a day or two before wearing it so your body will adjust to the extra boost of energy.  Then you can decide if you will continue just put that in your pocket or wear it.  Some people feels that just by putting the pendant in the pocket works wonderfully.  In general,

Master Teresa wears it herself 24 hours 7, it is tightly sealed so it is OK to shower wearing the pendant. Occasionally, you can hold the products and say a prayer to it will boost it stronger. If you can have 2 Chi Activiated Orgone Pendants, you will do this?  Why do you need 2? Well why does people have 2 cars?  For similar reasons that you have 2 cars, we can have 2 pendants too.  After wearing for a few weeks, you take it down and wear the other one. Put the used one to rest in spring water, sea salt or in nice energy to super-charge them. There is no need to put in under the sun as pendant is taking a resting break to come into full charge. - Action is more powerful than words

What is Inside? Her Chi Activated Orgone Products are made by hand one-by-one with love based on the orgone therapy method and the 5 elements of Chinese medicine: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Each product is especially chi activated by Master Teresa to enhance its orgone power. It is made with great care individually and contains various material of nature including quartz, crystal, shungite, aluminium, copper, titanium, brass etc. The outer layer is polyester resin.
We apologize that we cannot be more exact than this as each product may require something different to complete the orgone effect .

Should you prefer to purchase other EMF protection products, we can appreciate that.  However, please note that many EMF protection pendants on the market cannot be worn upside down meaning they cannot be flipped over.  We have not seen one manufacturer willing to state this FACT so far. Turning around may mean the energy may reverse.  Instead of helping you, it reverse your flow of energy sort of like wearing something with dirty vibration.  Well, the body works harder organizing dirty energy, so its nice to get help and consider wearing a pendant or put one in the pocket.   By learning how to dowse with the Sacred Geometry method, you can match your energy with any product and find out if the product helps you or NOT REALLY HELP YOU.  

(Note: when dowsing, remember to empty your thoughts and stay neutral.)

Again, it is very important to understand that our Chi activated orgone pendant is made around so it does not matter which is upside. You can even sleep with it instead of keep watching your neck. For those sensitive to energy will feel that the products shoot lots of good energy - chi out more than a lot of EMF products on the market.  

When you dowse and compare, you will find out your TRUTH. ACTION is more powerful than words, please look at the above Youtube video çoming' to determine if you like to experiment our products.



Master Teresa® Chi Activated Orgone Pendant

Your body is in your hand

  • Do you feel low in energy?
  • Do you feel stressed?
  • Do you have anxiety?
  • Do you get sick more often?


For neutralizing dirty EMF, sun's intense disruptive frequencies and balancing our charkas, you can consider wearing the pendant at the chest level.  The Heart and Thymus Gland can always appreciate help and support.  pecialized primary lymphoid organ of the immune system. Within the thymus, T cells or T lymphocytes mature. T cells are critical to the adaptive immune system, where the body adapts specifically to foreign invaders.)

  • Heart Support – wear at chest level, the good energy emitting from the orgone strengthen you against negative energy
  • Digestive System Support – wear the pendant lower to stomach level
  • Reproductive System Support – lengthen the chain so that it is closer to the abdominal area for reproductive organs supporting fertility or sexual energy.
  • Leg Support – put one in the buttock pocket to support your sciatica
  • Driving - put one on your keychain, so when they drive the orgone keychain will help neutralize the electricity and other dirty energies  in the car.  *You can consider putting a PYRAMID  on the car floor mat.
  • Cellphone – put one by your cellphone to neutralize its EMF when you talk or hold the pendant at the same time
  • Children Support - wear to School and put one in the pocket as dirty frequencies are everywhere 24 hours/7. Keep our children safe.
  • Pet Support -  take care of your dear pet wear one too as they are super sensitive to energy.  Animals takes on the negative energies of their masters and absorb all the dirty energies into their bodies.  The pendant helps the animals no different than human beings.
Please use your imagination to design how you would like it and have fun. 

Master Teresa wears her 24 hours/7. Its OK to take a shower wearing it too. 

Chi Activated Orgone Pendant: Can$55.-



Master Teresa® Chi Activated Orgone Pyramid

chi activated orgone pyramid1 

The Chi Activated Orgone Pyramid™ can be used to balance a room.

Cable Box – we can put near the cable box filtering the frequencies going to the air.  Or you can just put one around your computer mouse.

Computer – put one by the computer near to the mouse area. Even better, you can consider putting one on the left side and right side for double protection. You will also need to wear a Orgone Pendent as your chest is facing the computer.

Bedroom Balance – there is much electronics in ones room plus all the wifi EMF in the air. To enjoy a good night sleep, we can put one orgone pyramid in the bedroom. Some people likes to put one under the bed and reports that they feel more clear minded and have more strength. Every room with someone sleeping inside can use one.

House and Garden Support - Some people even like to bury a pyramid under the soil to help their flowering garden or neutralize the wrong vibration coming from the neighborhood. It will be nice to have at least one in a home. One at the bedroom and one by the computer room. If you money is not a problem, the more devices are better.

Pyramid Cost: Can$95



I LOVE the Orgone Pyramid! As a Certified Medium, I am learning to open up to Spirit Communications while being careful of the energies that clients bring in. I had found that I was very connected for hours of readings. Then a person with particularly negative energies and attitudes might come in and disturb 'the flow'. One even grabbed me forcefully to 'hug' me after a good reading. She re-injured my neck. I knew that this was a lesson for me to - not allow people to adversely effect my energy field and to protect my own personal space. Since receiving my Orgone Pyramid, I have placed it on a small table between me and the person receiving a reading. All readings have gone smoothly wirhout interruption in the flow of High-level Spirit Energies! I recently had a person who had difficult energy and attitude. Even that reading went smoothly." - Dr. Geri M. Krista, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,Cassadaga, FL 32706-0272


Dowsing with our Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Please also consider purchasing our special brass pendulum created to check energy easily and quickly. It responds faster than a crystal or stone pendulum (as they absorb the energy too and metal does not absorb). Dowsing is used to look for water and in Egypt, pendulum is used to detect the strong energy line of the earth to build houses and temples. You can use the pendulum and dowsing technique we showed on Youtube to check for the EMF and food frequencies if what are not agreeable with your vibration.

Sorry we cannot guarantee you anything but you are in charge of what we are doing. (Note: our pendulum responds quickly to vibration faster than a quartz pendulum.)

Pendulum Cost: $20



Test for EMF

If you want to know how much dirty energy you are carrying, you can consider buying a EMF detector to measure EMF.

Take an experiment attitude Honour yourself

You and Your family deserve to feel better

Please understand that if the products are not useful, Master Teresa will not endorse it.  

We can only tell you our ”truth” but cannot guarantee you anything nor treat you anything by using our products or watching our Youtube Videos.  Please be in charge of yourself and make your choice. You can look at them as ornaments or you can choose to believe in them. Life is a journey to enjoy and have fun.  Experiment life!

Refund Policy:  

With our heart, we are selling with love and with you all the blessings!  These energetic balancing products are not returnable or refundable.  We will not resell any returned products!  



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