the7thhappiness Blueprint for Success In Your Holistic Business

PurelandQiGongWorld BusinessProgram


You may be drawn to this online program for many reasons

~ for your personal growth to increase knowledge

~ learn to  teach

~ learn how to send chi 

~build a new income while helping people

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Master Teresa likes you to answer your questions personally on this program,

please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Certified Members will be listed in the Pureland Qi Gong® World Organization Website under construction now.

the7thhappiness How to learn more about Chi Gong?

Join some of our Online Workshops, purchase a DVD or download a Video

Join a Class In Person with Master Teresa



the7thhappiness If you are looking for a Good Shift, join this online conference. 



the7thhappiness2-Day Shift Consciousness Energy Conference - Get the Shift of Life

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the7thhappiness Wu's Eye Qi Gong® Program

      Good  News !  Eye Healing DeMystified Webinar has been recorded ! 

~ Su Master Teresa's Recorded Webinar?



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and receive the LINK to the recorded Webinar !

 the7thhappiness  Demonstration of Different Chi Gongs - Videos / Download

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- Wu's Health & Fitness Chi Gong™

- Wu's Eye Qi Gong®

- Meditate with Chi Blast

- Chair Chi Gong™

- How to Protect Your Energy Techniques

- Chi Gong for Yoga

- Wu's 7-Style Tai Chi Qi Gong™(Classic)

- Wu's Anti-Cancer Longevity Chi Gong™ 

- Konghaim Longevity Chi Gong™

- 12-Step Respiratory Chi Gong™

- Zhineng Qi Gong™

- Heart Chi Gong™

- Money Chi Gong™

- Wu's North and South Kung Fu™ 


 the7thhappiness Nutrition 


~ Dr. Elvis Ali, ND - Naturopathic Medicines : 

Menopause, Diabetes and Immunity Workshops     Visit the page 

~ Farm Visit Workshop: Garry Tibbo, author of 5 Weeds 5 Trees 5 Tools



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