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First TorontoMedical Chi Gong Conference 


Toronto Botanical Gardens _ Garden Hall , 777 Lawrence Ave. East


Chi is the base of creation.  Chi is the life force energy in all life forms. The practice of Chi Gong breathing exercises with guided visualization cultivates the life force improving our health physically and emotionally. Chi is the base of the Law of Attraction. The conference offers you the Chi of the Masters, tools and exploration to help you radiate, release your resistance, balance your heart, raise your vibration frequency to match the vibration of creation


A Transformational Experience for Everyone interested in Energy Work

to expand to where you want to be

Clear the "Old Stuff" with the Super Chi


The first 3-day Medical Chi Gong Conference offers exciting, seldomly taught tools designed for energy lovers who want to deepen their experience of Chi, bringing oneself to a new state of being. Pre-conference introductory workshops for beginners’ Chi Gong begin on Friday, October 23rd. The Main Conference workshops will be held October 15-16th and will be held at the beautiful Garden Hall of theToronto Botanical Garden (Garden Hall), 777 Lawrence Ave East, Toronto.



Teresa Yeung

Generational Master of Chi Gong

dave watson

Dave Watson

Life Strategist

Dr. Elvis Ali

Naturopathic Doctor

Bas Opdenkelder

Master Chi Gong Instructor



Hands-on Medical Chi Gong Conference
Action Packed - full of seldomly taught Chi Gong Practices
Raise Consciousness with Chi Gong
Strengthen and Protect your Energy - Chi
Go Deeper into the Chi
Learn to Be In-Charge vs Control
Balance your Physical and Emotional Heart
Learn Naturopathic Medicine to Cope with Stress
Spiritual Development Raising your Vibration
Instructors Training

Clear the Old Stuff and Raise Consciousness
Transformational 3 days

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* Early Registration Discount :

*10% Discount by September 30    * Paid by Installments can be arranged * 

Students joining Full Premium workshop will be qualified for Income Tax Receipt

Additional Workshops (4:30-6pm)
Post Conference: Mon 

Day 1: Sat | 9-4pm

Learn 12-Method Respiratory Chi Gong, Dental Chi Gong

(Guest Speaker: Bas Opdenkelder)

Grandmaster Wu created the 12-Method Respiratory Chi Gong when Toronto was having the SARS disease many years ago. e need of this Chi Gong returns as more people are suffering from lung disease without smoking. High-pollution areas affect both wealthy and poor neighbourhoods in the city of Toronto, creating an invisible health divide that no one was aware of until now. Toronto has been declaring citywide smog alerts for years, urging Torontonians from Scarborough to Etobicoke to limit outdoor exercise during these times to protect their health. The same problems exist in all industrialized cities. (article of Toronto Star)

* Digital download of the form will be provided.

Bas Opendelder, Master Chi Gong Instructor

has been an instructor of Silat Martial Arts and long time student of Grandmaster Wu. He loves sharing the healing power of Chi Gong and is a great supporter of natural healing. He has been volunteering teaching cancer patients Chi Gong for the last 10 years.

Learn Energy Protection Chi Gong (Master Teresa)

Mountain Chi Gong meditating to form a solid protective shield protecting your energy

Learn Head Chi Gong (Master Teresa)

Chi Gong integrating knowledge on how to open up circulation in the head

Learn Naturopathic Medicine (Guest Speaker: Dr. Elvis Ali)

Topic: How to cope with stress using natural supplements?

Dr. Elvis Ali, a famous Naturopathic Doctor,

has been in private practice for 30 years specializing in Chinese medicine, sports medicine and nutrition. In 2006, Dr. Ali completed his studies on Body/Mind Medicine at Harvard Medical School where he was a member of the postgraduate association at Harvard. He is currently involved with R and D as well as the educator at Canadian Bio.

He has published papers, serves on Alive’s Editorial Advisory Board, written and co-authored several books, conducted lectures internationally and has appeared on a number of radio and TV shows. Website


Learn Chi Gong for OfficeTm (Master Teresa)

Teresa Yeung, is a Generational Master of Chi Gong, speaker, healer and author. The mission and motivation of Master Teresa is rooted in a traditional Chinese Proverb,

"When you give a person a fish, you feed them once, but if you teach them how to fish, you feel them for a lifetime."

She passionately enjoy sharing what she knows with you.  This lovely form has been created to compensate the Wu's Health & Fitness Qi Gong unocovered area. Excellent for those sitting working in the office or sitting for long hours.

- digital video will be provided to the Day 1 student.

Become an Instructor over the weekend

Special training on Sunday 4:30-6:30pm is being offered.

Most people working in the office sit for a whole day working at a desk facing a computer. Tired arms, tight neck and shoulders are just some common problems of office workers exposed to the wrong vibration EMF. The Seventh Happiness™ Level 1: Chi Gong for Office is a sitdown Chi Gong form that is perfect for this purpose. As the movements do not require you standing up, it is perfect for those physically challenged and elderly people.

Do you want to teach Chi Gong ?

Instructors Training of the "Chi Gong for Office" is being offered as part of the Full Day Conference

Sharing Chi Gong quickly with friends and family is a wish of Master Teresa so people can get help sooner.

You are allowed to share CHI GONG FOR OFFICE after joining the Sunday training.

How to get an official Instructor's Certificate?

Our instructors qualify by passing a test through delivering the chi gong form

It is required to demonstrate the form via Skype, or in person with extra fee. Additional training may be required for those who need more help.

Pre-requisite:  please signup for the Full Premium 9-6pm package. 

Chi Balancing and Chi Healing throughout the day to promote deep healing (Master Teresa)

Additional Workshop

Day 1: Oct. 24, 2015 | 4:30-6pm : Group Deep Trance Channelling with Dave Watson (extra fee)

Day 2: 2015 October 22 Sunday 9-4pm

Refresh 12-Method Respiratory Chi Gong, Dental Chi Gong

(Student only joining Day 2 will need to purchase the video as a separate cost.)

Money Magnet Chi Gong (Master Teresa)

How to attract money ?
Chi Gong is the base of Law of Attraction. Money is a form of energy.
Master Teresa has designed a new way of visualization to meditate in attracting money to you.  You will love it.

Special demonstration on the power of chi gong

- experiment how to use  "the power of intention" together in various ways

- fun and interesting eye opening demonstration

- when you see that intention works will help you believe you can manifest anything in your life

The Seventh Happiness™ Chi Gong Level 1: CHI GONG FOR OFFICE ™ (Master Teresa)

-video will be provided at no cost to the students attending Day 2 conference.

In Charge vs Control (Guest Speaker: Dave Watson)

dave watson

Dave Watson life strategist, psychotherapist, master channeler and author

Dave Watson life strategist, psychotherapist, master channeler and author - with over 40 years of experience in balancing the psychological and emotional bodies, he carries extensive experience and an incredible tool box of knowledge. His accurate deep trance readings have helped many people who feel stuck in life find direction and gain insight. Unlike a tarot card or psychic reading, when Dave channels he uses the Edgar Cayce method, and simply 'goes to sleep' and allows the information to come through him. His clients include psychics, energy healers and professionals who believe in getting counsel and messages from the other side to guide their journey. When you can ask a Question, there will be an Answer.

Dave Watson is available for private readings throughout the conference. He is offering Past Life Regression Workshops on Monday. For more info:

2:30pm Advanced New Heart Chi Gong to balance the Heart Charka (Master Teresa)

(Combining Physical Heart Chi Gong and Emotional Heart Chi Gong into a New form)

Our heart is the first organ of the body being developed as a baby in the mother's womb. Many researchers believe that balancing our heart is the key to helping us to recover from physical issues as well as emotional issues.

According to John Hawkens, author of Power vs Force, he talked about balancing the Heart Charka for raising our Conscious Level 500 - Love.

This level is categorized by love that is very close to being....>read more.. 

Our heart charkas consist of our physical heart and emotional heart.

Join the conference to learn this new Heart Chi Gong which consists of: Grandmaster Master's Physical Heart Chi Gong and Master Teresa® Emotional Heart Chi Gong together becoming a new form.  This is the first time that this form is appearing on this earth plane.


Chi Balancing and Chi Healing throughout the day help raise your vibration and promote healing


Main Conference workshops

Oct. 15/16: Full Premium Two Day 9-6pm Package Register

Includes Optional workshops : Group Channeling Reading & Instructors Training

Certificate of Attendance will be provided

Students joining Full Premium workshop will be qualified to receive Tax Receipt

Fee: $625

20% off if paid before August 31 - $500

10% off if paid before September 20 - $562.50       * Paid by Installments can be arranged * 

2015: Essential Two Day 9-4pm Package Register

Fee: $450

30% off if paid before July 31 - $315

20% off if paid before August 31 - 

10% off if paid before September 30 - $405.-

Note: The Standard Two Day Package does not include the 2 optional Sat/Sun workshops


Optional workshops:

Oct. 24 Deep Trance Group Reading with Dave Watson

@ 4.30-6pm $30 Register

Oct. 25 Instructors Training to teach The Seventh Happiness Level 1

@ 4.30-6pm

(Fee is included as Part of the Full 2-Day Workshops) Register

After-conference workshops

Oct. 26 Mon :

Location: Yonge/Clark School


Session A) Eye Chi Gong Oct. 26 @ 2pm-3:45pm Register

includes $150 Home-practicing Eye DVDS set

Early Registration: $155 After September  30 $188

Session B) Past Life Regression @ 6pm-9pm Register

Dave Watson leads you to a meditative state and guide you seeing your past life. He includes a deep trance reading from the "Willows" to disclose the significance of that life to your present path.

Price: $85 (10% off by Oct. 1)



The mission and motivation of Master Teresa

is rooted in a traditional Chinese Proverb,

“when you give a person a fish, you feed them once

but if you teach them how to fish, you feel them for a lifetime.”

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