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Chi Gong for Singles Facebook Secret Group

What is a Facebook Secret Group? A Secret Group on a Search on Facebook will not show up.  

Master Teresa named this Group: Chi Gong for Singles Facebook Secret Group"  as its designed for loving beings who are interested in energy work such as Chi Gong "Qi Gong",  open-mindedand respectful, kind and spiritual   (or queer) men and women to have a safe place to connect to each other for joy and abundance. There are three Chi Gong for Singles Secret Group: Chi Gong for Straight Singles, Chi Gong for Lesbian Singles and Chi Gong for Gay Singles.

  • Every Chi member is interested in balancing their Chi or Qi through Qi Gong. Each Chi member is required to be referred or invited to join.
  • Some qualities that we wish each Chi members to  have or be working on include:
  • openness, kind, lovely, fun, forgiving Chi
  • willing to love and release past resentments
  • self-love, self-appreciation, self-approval and self-accepting
  • willing to be responsible of your own emotions
  • interest in healthy eating, energy work
  • will to explore spiritual growth, psychic and channeling work
  • interested in oneness and being whole
  • respect  Taoism
  • respect Buddhism
  • as we respect all religions


Rebalance your energy Chi or Qi by practicing one of Master Teresa's  20-minute Chi Gong for at least one week.  As Chi Gong will be shared in the group, your base understand of what is Chi Gong will help start a healthy conversation with the members.

Membership Fee is $20 a year and I will give the member a Chi Gong video of The

Wu's Health & Fitness Qi Gong as a base.

If there is a demand for other kind of  group to be created, please suggest. 

If there are 50 people signing up to any mailing list,  she is happy to start the Facebook Secret group to support you. Please qualify yourself that you are Single before joining the mailing list. She will not be givng your names to other sources except for her School.

Is this great idea? If you think it is, please  share and great blessings to you!


Three Spiritual Groups:

Straight Singles

Leslian Singles

Gay Singles



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