I am in my 50's suffering from brain injury with walking difficulty requiring full time home care services. After my accident half my body is usually colder than the other. My dizziness and mobility worsens to the point I was vomiting a lot end of Dec 2016. My usual blood pressure was usually 100/70 but after accident it fluctuates  but the highest it went was about 140's/100's when I was in the nursing home.
Now I have to go through a court case with insurance company for my car accident within a month. I have been working with my lawyer's office and family and that gives me much stress upon stress. Despite this stress, my blood pressure is usually around 120's/90's approximately. Recently I have more pressure as the court case is coming up. Last 10 days my blood pressure has been going up to 190's/??? causing more dizziness till sometimes I cannot get up or walk much. Somedays I was on the floor vomitting. I really thought I would die anytime! The b/p simply won't go down much even after my Dr prescribed a pill to lower it. Nothing helped the past 2 weeks! It was so dangerous to have such high b/p for so many days! 
I texted Master Teresa and was waiting for her return to see her.
Knowing the dangerous situation, Master Teresa texted me to take garlic pill right away. I walked into Goodness Me, a natural food store and was also advised to take aged garlic pills. 
A day or two later, Master Teresa came back and I had a session with her. Her session was amazing as it made me feel so relaxed and peaceful immediately. She spoke with me and guided me to release all my negative Chi and emotional pressure. I had my mind cleared up and I felt better. Then Master Teresa said that B/p has come down already but deep inside I was saying, "So fast? May be just a little like the meds" but she was right.
Upon reaching home I measured my B/p and it was about 130's/80's. The next day, my blood pressure started to come down even more. The third day, blood pressure returned to my usual B/p about 100's/70's.
I am so happy that Master Teresa brought me out of my dangerously high b/p. You can say that I overcame death. 
So I must resume to see her and take the aged garlic!
Thanks to Teresa and to God. May God bless her.
By Swee Yim Ooi on Feb 28, 2017



Hello Master Teresa

I feel incredible today. Im perfectly resilient.  No matter what happened or what anyone said today it did not change the way I feel or gave me any doubt or stress. I told a few people about the sessions last night and they are happy for me and see a difference in how I look and my positive attitude. Even during my workout today I didnt have any doubts about what I can do. My workout was more fun and I didnt feel out of breath as easily as I used to feel during high intensity exercises. When I spoke to high level managers at my work today I was not intimidated nor did I worry about what they think of me. I hope I can introduce many many people to you and help others feel this good too. 
Love Philip


I wanted to write and thank you for your time with me.  You were very generous with your time and energy.  It takes a while for me to evaluate and process important events like meeting you, but I would like you to know that it was well worth the visit.  The most immediate benefit is that my personal practice has been amplified.  Small and subtle differences in connecting with chi have been learned.  Having a master instruct in person is priceless really.  I feel that so much more information can be shared this way.  It is not always what is said, but sometimes what is not said that is important.  There is information in the space between words, the pause between thoughts, a change in facial expression, a subtle unintended movement,  our unconscious mind sees it all, ... I'm sure you understand.



I can't tell you how amazing I feel.

I feel like I am on top of the world;

the cobwebs and tension is leaving me. I am happy for the first time in 4 years  since January 2011.

Things also seem to be going better with my partner too -- his attitude is better. 

Thank you again.



“As a family practice physician and a student of Chinese medicine, I am very interested in and understand the importance of qi gong and its healing powers. I have had the honor of attending seminars with both Grand Master Wu and Master Teresa and have experienced the power and wisdom of this style of qi gong. Master Teresa is a great teacher and healer and I am enriched from the experience of attending her seminars.”
- Dr. Joan Song-Nichols, Arizona, U.S.A.

“I am a family physician practicing in Tampa, Florida. I have been a student of Master Teresa Yeung for several years. I have taken a wide range of her courses and workshops, and recently graduated from the Level I Qi Gong Instructor's Program.The training I have received from Master Teresa has been extraordinary, and absolutely indispensable to my work and life.The benefits to my own health have been concrete and enduring. Through the practice of Health and Fitness Qi Gong, I am able to manage the stresses of running a busy practice more effectively and calmly. My energy level is very clearly higher and as well as more consistent throughout the day and week.The benefits for my patients have been even more striking. In response to the Qi Gong exercises I teach them, many report reduced stress levels, improved blood pressure control, and markedly reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.One patient is a striking example of the positive effect of Qi Gong on wellness. She had been experiencing severe eye pain as a result of macular degeneration. This pain prevented her from reading, which was one of her favorite activities. I taught this patient some fundamental breathing, movement, and visualization techniques that I had learned from Master Teresa. After just a few weeks of practicing these exercises for only 15 minutes twice daily, this patient states that her eye pain is 90% improved and she can now read for several hours each day.I particularly encourage other physicians to experience this remarkable healing discipline, which can improve their own wellbeing and performance, and transform the health of their patients. I'm sure that many professionals would quickly grasp the very practical benefits of Qi Gong, and see how it can be integrated into their professional practices.I highly recommend any workshop offered by Master Teresa to anyone seeking to maintain health, speed recovery from physical conditions, or raise fitness and energy levels. Master Teresa is a consummate professional, a gifted and caring instructor, and a true master of this powerful art.”
- Douglas Nelson, M.D.,Florida, U.S.A.

"I have been a holistic chiropractor for 30 years. My practice includes chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, applied kinesiology, quantum touch and massage. After taking medical Qi gong classes with Master Yeung I have learned a powerful healing technique to add to my practice and also for my own health. When working with Master Yeung I experienced mental as well as physical relaxation and a greater feeling of well being and positive energy. My patients have been responding very well and it is great to have this technique when other things aren't working. And I am now starting to use Qi gong first for many conditions with the same good results. My vibration and healing power have increased and I enjoy my practice more. Thank you Master Yeung for a new direction and a new life."
- Michael O'Daniel, D.C. ,Warrenton, Virginia, U.S.A.

"Master Teresa was a tremendous part of the 'Wu experience'. Yeung has been and continues to be an extension of Grandmaster Wu. She has a big heart, is enthusiastic and strongly exudes her eagerness and commitment. I trust that Yeung maintains the vast teachings of Grandmaster Wu and is able to share his information and practices with whomever she may come into contact."
- Corinne Engel, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada

“The first thing I noticed about Master Yeung was the brightness of the energy she radiates. Not literally bright, but the kind of energy that makes everyone present feel welcome, energized, uplifted and happy. While in session with Master Yeung, the energy in the room is palpable. She succeeds in getting everyone present to reach their own realization of the reality of Qi, by amplifying the natural flow of energy to the point that all can experience it. I have been the recipient of Master Yeung's energy healing for bone spurs in one foot. With one session, she set me on the road to recovery from an ailment that had been getting progressively worse. In a few weeks, I recovered to the point that I could actually forget about my feet while walking.The Heart Qi Gong practices as taught by Master Yeung are the most effective I have experienced for calming, relaxing and promoting personal well-being. Besides that, it is truly amazing to experience the way that harmonious communication blossoms within the group during the communcation teaching. I found the lessons to be useful, not only in the context of personal development, but for interpersonal communication with everyone I encounter.”
- Richard Todd, Aerospace Scientist, Cocoa, Florida, U.S.A.

"The partner's qi gong exercise in the"Be your own Healer" workshop with Master Yeung was a very powerful experience for me. I felt a wave of energy so strong that, for a moment, I thought a fan had been turned on. This practice has healing effects that I would like to see utilized within the health care community. I am looking forward to applying aspects of this practice with my patients, particularly those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Qi Gong appears to have great potential to sooth mental distress."
- Emily Sheets, Psy. D., Clinical Psychologist, Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.

“Master Yeung, thank you from all my heart. I ask God to be able to walk without a walker. I always have pain travelling from place to place. I found your advertisment and came to the workshop. For many years, I could not move my thighs without help. After Saturday workshop, I felt something strong going inside my body and most of the pain was going away.Today on Monday, I can move my thighs without pain!!”
- Haydee Chang, Hialesh, Florida, U.S.A,

“I had first stage Dupuytrens, inflammation of the tendon on the hand, which was painful and difficult. Master Teresa was the only therapist who relieved the pain after only a few sessions. and the condition has not progressed, which I am told is extremely rare. And I took the 2-day introductory course which was really excellent! “
- Bob, Nutritionist Toronto, Canada

“I recently suffered some vision loss as a result of glaucoma and high intraocular pressure. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been focused on doing everything I can to keep my eye pressure down. I’m taking medicated drops but also making changes to my lifestyle, including trying alternative healing approaches. I was referred to Master Teresa’s Eye Qi Gong Class and thought I’d give it a try, not knowing what to expect. Right away, I felt her energy and the comfort that came from her encouragement. She helped me to focus on a number, which was lower than any eye pressure reading I’d had after months of using my eye drop medication. Amazingly, at my next doctor’s appointment, my eye pressure reading was exactly the number that Master Teresa had helped me envision. I was very encouraged and will continue to supplement my medicine with Qi Gong practice. Thank you Master Teresa.” 
- Carlo Di Giovanni
Green & Chercover, Barristers & Solicitors (www.greenchercover.com)

“I have severe Glaucoma and Cataracts for some years. I have limited vision. My eye doctor always wonder why I could still see as he does not know that I am doing Qi Gong. Recently he said that he feels comfortable with my conditions and can see me once 3 months instead of once 3 weeks. Thanks to Qi Gong for giving me vision.” 
- Anthony, 87 years old.

“When I was gathering Qi on my own in Master Yeung'a Sarasota workshop this July, it was at first like normal spray of a shower head when bathing. However, once Master Yeung sent her Qi from across the room, I felt like having a firehose bath. I will sure be joining her instructor's program offered in this November!”
- Master Cody "Flying Eagle" Templeton, Sarasota, Florida
Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor for 28 years

"I find that practicing Qi Gong for as little as 10-15 minutes a day dramatically distresses the body, improves mental focus and increases my energy levels. Unlike a cardio or weight training exercise that tears down tissues and uses up energy, Qi Gong is a kind of exercise that can rebuild tissues and restore energy."
- Oprae Piao, Exercise Coach and Holistic Practitioner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The one-on-one session with Master Teresa was most gratifying, as her thoughts and words helped me to see my life in a much more positive aspect. The wisdom in her thoughts and resulting suggestions, indeed, indicate a very special human being, therefore, I believe this world is a much better place because you’re in it. Thank you.”
- Ron Weston, R.M.T., Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer

"I was quite taken during the session as I felt the powerful touch of an ancient healer and the spirit of a great Master. I felt very comfortable and natural throughout the process. Master Yeung is more than qualified to carry on the work as a healer."
- Erin Dixon, Writer, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor, Huntsville, Canada

“I have experienced many healing responses with Master Teresa's teachings. Practicing in her presence has helped harmonize and build up my energy. I feel vital and energized even if the work feels challenging, and can sustain long periods of practice from the inspiration of our meetings. Her gift in communicating her work inspires me to practice more and build upon what I have learned in her absence. I have seen visible evidence of her ability to send chi to heal a small injury. She moved her hand over a person's thumb and the area around the bruised tissue turned pink and the thumb also enlarged to accomodate the new microcirculation to speed up a recovery process. This simple example is just one of many I have seen and also the easiest to verify.The Heart Qi Gong she teaches is much more subtle and profound to describe than just sending qi through a hand. My experience was of healing some mental/emotional tendencies which were impeding my ability to be compassionate in certain relationships. Also I witnessed an energetic clearing of my heart chakra which was quite beneficial to my sense of well being. This was all preceded by a strong current of grounding energy which helped me to feel more emotionally stable. I do not seem to be swept away by any emotional surges anymore like I used to, and when I do feel some emotional energy expressing itself I am comfortable with it.I have been practicing yoga and several other disciplines for over 10 years and have been with only the best quality teachers that I have access to in their respective fields. I am quite sensitive to nuance and depth in teaching as I have been exposed to many different methods of giving and receiving energy. Teresa's programs are on par with anyone else I have studied with (this includes many well known figures) and also deliver good results in a very short time. I recommend her teachings to anyone who is desiring to take charge of their health and also to anyone who has a yearning for a depth of qigong knowledge.”
- Jason Schafer, Qi Gong, Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor, Orlando, U.S.A.

"I had 10 years experience in the martial arts, I never really developed the sense of Qi that I now have. Thanks to Wu's Hunyuan Gong's system is simple and effective. In fact, after the very first class in 1993, I was able to sense more Qi in my body than ever before. Since then my overall health has been great and I have not gotten sick since!"
- Johannes Linstead, Oakville, Ontario
Award-winning Guitarist and Composer



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