It is always a great privilege to be invited along with other practitioners to share knowledge and educate others on the benefits of Qi Gong.  Keep up the stellar job Master Teresa in continuing to help students learn more about naturopathic medicine so they can attain and achieve Optimum Wellness.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Elvis Ali  B.Sc., F.I.A.C.A., R.Ac., N.D.



I am very happy and honored to attend, participate and contribute to Master Teresa's endeavors to bring Qi knowledge & healing to the greater Toronto area at this conference.

Warm Florida Qi blessings,

Ed Dolezal

Founder and Senior Instructor

Universal Qi Gong and Tai Chi Institute of the Palm Beaches, Florida

Professional member of The National Qi Gong Association



Master Teresa is a true healing and selfless teacher.  She continues to search for ways to make Qi Gong accessible to everyone and looks to bring the community together around self healing and empowerment.  She brought so many facets of personal wellness together with Qi Gong - it truly made you feel like you were getting the full package.  Keep up the great work Master Teresa.

Mike Popovici

Chi Gong Instructor and Fa Chi Si Healer


Master Teresa is a global Qi Gong leader, healer who touches people's lives with her teachings, healing, helping and humour.  Amazing Conference learning, practicing and raising our vibrations and the planet's.  Qi Gong is the way to go!!!  Thank you to Master Teresa and all the practitioners,

Thea Cosma

Feng Shui Consultant



I am grateful for was heart warming and inspiring.

Thank you, Master Teresa! And thanks to all who presented their living experience on the amazing power of Qi Gong.

Good Qi to all!

Vera Stern

Senior Chi Gong Instructor and Tai Chi instructor



I could only attend the Sunday of the conference but was so grateful for that special opportunity, the level of qi gong practice, healing, regeneration and vitality I was gifted with while equally inspired, empowered and educated by the host of presenters sharing their mastery.  Thank you Master Teresa for investing in this amazing opportunity to come together in circle as a collective, for accelerated evolution, while deepening our community and belonging, true nourishment on the path.  


Erin Dixon

Senior Chi Gong Instructor and Fa Chi Si Healer



Thank You for organizing and calling fourth such a beautiful group of lightworkers.  I was honoured to share what knowledge I could in the realm of East-Asian Diagnosis.  I hope that you are able to have more of these seminars as I believe they both catalyze and inspire us to live our destinies.  

It was a true form of nourishment, so much one wanted to leave at the end! :)


Rian Scott

Registered Acupunturist


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