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Workshops at Your Place - Reduce Stress

Chi Gong is a natural stress reliever


Master Teresa and her instructors are open to travelling and we love teaching at your place.  Its our wish that more people can enjoy this 5,000 years old self-healing breathing exercises.  We are very willing to travel to your community event, corporate functions and staff wellness events.

We love to show you, your friends, family or staff that the practice of Chi Gong can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

For Corporate Offices - Chair Chi Gong is perfect

Statistics show that when people feel stressed out, their productivity reduces and also weakens their immunity.  

Your staff can always use some help and support their to gain more energy.  Master Teresa® newly designed  "CHAIR CHI GONG" is perfect for the Office.  

  • This office chi gong only requires a chair to practice  
  • A 5 minute breathing practice with gentle movements of the arms open up your meridians and channels.
  • Easily loosen up the neck, shoulder and arms 
  • Clear up the mind and feel more open
  • Feel much better and more  re-energized.  

Your staff will return home being refreshed and enjoy their time with the family stress free. 

Other teachings suitable for the office include:

  • 7-minute 7-Style Tai Chi Qi Gong
  • Wu's Eye Qi Gong® 
  • Digestion Chi Gong

DVDs or digital downloads are available to support home practices.

Please feel free to inquire

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Lets all become refreshed with Master Teresa and her instructors


 Refreshed Made Easy with Chi Gong