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Workshops, Class, Digital Download and DVDs 

While you would like to join Master Teresa's classes and enjoy her Chi, you may not be able to join her classes as they are not offered in your city.  We are listed some of her forms which have video digital download, so you can learn and get the help today!

For general help, you can join our "Joy & Abundance Level 1 workshop" or purchase the Health & Fitness Chi Gong to support healing. 

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Life Force Mirculous Power of Qi Gong (also available on Amazon)



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Wu's Health & Fitness Chi Gong

is created by Grandmaster Wu who achieved the highest national title of Chi Gong title in 1995 in China.  Among a nation of chi gong masters being ranked in the country's Talent Bank was oustanding honourable achievement.  Grandmaster Wu created this Wu's Health & Fitness Chi Gong form (Level 1) to help North Americans to heal easily with his amazing teachings.  

The form can be practiced sitting and standing Chi Gong or you can sit down to do throughout the form.  It takes care of your whole body, rejuvenating supporting your loss of energy and raises your vibration.  Many students reported that this lovely form exceeds their exception.  It sure has helped millions of people globally.  It is simple to do, powerful and  raises your vibration releasing negative energy!  Lots of Qi !  

Hardcopy DVD can also be purchased at Amazon.  

  Digital download


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Wu's Eye Qi Gong® 

  • Improves vision naturally
  • Clear emotions and see life clearly 
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Strengthens your glands and organs, such as the liver, kidneys, pituitary and pineal glands 
  • Helps relieve headaches and migranes
  • Insomonia and balance emotions 
  • and more

Master Teresa’s teacher, developed the Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® method in the late 1980s to help heal his mother’s bleeding eyes. She was going blind at age 88 but she quickly recovered after practicing Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® and was even able to thread a needle. Later, Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® underwent a three-year scientific research study consisting of a 100-person medical team and 4000 documented clinical cases in China. The study had a success rate of 90%. To this day, millions of people still practice this method throughout China. If you were to visit China, you would notice that not many children wear eyeglasses. Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® has magically helped many people internationally. Master Teresa is the only official teacher of Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® and she personally shows how to perform the techniques easily and accurately. You will learn step-by-step all 3 levels, using 6 separate videos and you can gradually move from one level to the next at your desired comfort.

As you move through each level, the exercises increases. So, if you do not have a lot of time, practice Level 1 and when you have more time, you can practice Level 3 (approximately 2 hrs).  

Hardcopy DVDs set of 3 is  $150 and can also be purchased at  Amazon or at the School in Toronto

Digital download  6 videos is Canadian $120.  The below BUY NOW button is for digital download.


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Meditate with these 2 videos

and increase Chi

We offer you 2 videos:

  • 6-Minute Chi Balancing Meditation
  • 1 Hour Chi Balancing Meditation

Its beneficial for our spiritual growth to meditate.  However we may be short of time sometimes or we do get distracted and takes longer to reach a quiet deep state.  For the reasons, Master Teresa has created these videos to assist with your meditation.  You will reach a deeper state even in 6 minutes. When you have time, experience the 1 hour too and you will be amazed by the new experience!



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Chair Chi Gong

As many people are really "stuck" sitting for long hours in a chair for many reasons.  The neck, shoulder and back gets quite stiff and uncomfortable or even hurting.  This lovely form has been created by Master Teresa to help to relieve this kind of uncomfortable feelings.  A 5-10 minutes Chi Gong form practice during your work break makes you so much lighter!  

This lovely form is a MUST TOOL offering you an immediate relieve of emotions and rebalance you. 



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How to Protect Your Energy Techniques

"The Myth about Protecting your Energy" -  When you are around difficult energies or difficult situations, there are a need to protect your energy.   How can you protect our energies?  Well you need techniques and training.  How can you recharge your energy? It will be easier to recharge our energy or life force energy when you are provided help.

Master Teresa created this video to help you understand how energies work.  It might be difficult to understand that energy is something that you can be "in charge". You do not control energy but needs to learn how to flow with it. If you are having problems with negative people in your life, you may really need to get this kind of teachings.  While you love to learn from her, you may be get the other side of the globe. So, here are you some lovely techniques are taught in this video. She also includes a "Chi Balancing" meditation to clear your whole body!


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Chi Gong for Yoga

Master Teresa created this form to help yogi to improve their Chi feelings and energy in the Yoga practices.  Movements to loosen up the neck, shoulder and body are included to enhance the flow of Chi. 


empower your chi

Wu's 7-Style Tai Chi Qi Gong™
  • General health
  • Boost Chi
  • Excellent for joints and digestion
  • Short form required 10 minutes to do a time.

Finally there is a Tai Chi form that is beautifully created by excellent Chi.

You will really enjoy the graceful movements that build you the strength and gentle power that other Tai Chi form cannot provide you.

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Anti-Cancer Longevity Chi Gong™ and 2 Walking Forms (Level 2 - standing Chi Gong or you sit down to do)


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12-Step Respiratory Chi Gong™
  • Allergies
  • Immunity
  • Lung and heart health
  • Prevent respiratory disease
  • Dental and Nose Chi Gong  

Grandmaster created this 12-Step Respiratory Chi Gong to suport lung infection at the time of SARS. As the pollution of the cities are getting worse, protect our lungs are important for our well-being.

This is standing form suitable for all ages to do!

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Zhineng Qi Gong "referred as Chi-Lel Chi Gong in North American) - The Zhineng Qi Gong is very famous in China received many honours of its creation.  In North America, the form has been widely promoted by Luke Chan.  Grandmaster Wu was the Vice-President of a Zhineng Qi Gong Association in China.  Since Wu came to Canada, Master Teresa was taught detailing and energetically how to teach the Zhineng Qi Gong Form.  Master Wu also added new techniques into this form enhancing its power of Chi.  These special techniques may require advanced learning from Master Teresa when she has workshop.  In the meantime, you can enjoy this digital video which was homemade about 20 years ago. Students really appreciate this video despite its created "homemade" 20 years ago.  The chi is phenomenal when presented by a Chi healer!



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Kidney Chi Gong

There is Kidney Chi Gong that helps even difficult night urinary problems, kidney problems and sexual energy. The kidneys are an important source of Qi in our body. We are constantly using our kidney's Qi/energy. It affects the functions of all organs especially the urinary bladder, prostate and sexual organs. After we are born, the Kidneys store our essence energy which is an important source of Qi in our body. Kidneys govern water metabolism, reproduction, secretions and some brain functions. The Kidneys are responsible for growth and development. The Kidneys produce marrow, dominate bones, and manufacture blood. The kidneys open into the ears and the health of the kidney reflects the conditions of our hair.  In Chinese Medicine, the kidney is  most important to our well-being.


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new  Heart Chi Gong for Physical and Emotional Heart

Grandmaster Wu created a Heart Chi Gong for the physical heart.  Master Tersea combining the wisdom of Grandmaster Wu and creates a new Heart Chi that balances the emotional heart and physical heart.  A lovely form to rebalance from stresses and difficult emotions that we do not want to keep.


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new Money Chi Gong
* Chi Gong Digital Download will be coming soon!



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Eight Brocade

A stretching breathing exercises that were created by Chinese General in ancient China for improving health of the soldiers.  


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North and South Kung Fu Forms
For some of you that loves to do some Kung Fu and wish not to put too much efforts to learn, you will love how Grandmaster Wu created these 2 simple-to-do Kung Fu.
Based on traditional famous Kung Fu, practicing for a child, these are excellent ways to building your Chi through some simple to do Kung Fu.
You will love the forms!



You can learn special techniques on Skype or in Person with Master Teresa.


For simple esophaegale issue, you can join our "Joy & Abundance Level 1 workshop" or purchase the Health & Fitness Chi Gong to support healing. 

You can learn special techniques on Skype or in Person with Master Teresa.

You can learn special techniques on Skype or in Person with Master Teresa.


For simple liver issue, you can join our "Joy & Abundance Level 1 workshop" or purchase the Health & Fitness Chi Gong to support healing. 

You can learn special techniques on Skype or in Person with Master Teresa.

You can learn special techniques on Skype or in Person with Master Teresa.


We have a simple way of improvng your lung energy that you will love to learn. We do not have DVD on this one.  You can learn this on Skype or in Person with Master Teresa.

We are also a beautiful longer Chi Gong, 12-Step Respiratory Chi Gong that was created in 2003 at teh outbreak of SARS (SARS coronavirus).  

For simple digestive issue, you can join our "Joy & Abundance Level 1 workshop" or purchase the Health & Fitness Chi Gong to support healing. 

For simple uterine issue, you can join our "Joy & Abundance Level 1 workshop" or purchase the Health & Fitness Chi Gong to support healing. 

Autoimmune Issues


Headaches, Migraines




Cancer, Fiboilds

Infertility, Miscarriages

Leting Go energies with ex-spouse, parents etc.

Money, CareerOld energies: Traumatic incidents of life

Relationships, s



You can learn special techniques on Skype or in Person with Master Teresa.



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