Question: Is it better to ask for a private session first  or join a Chi Gong Class

Answer: Both ways work.

Why should you have private session

If you want to have see results very quickly then ask for a private session. The advantage of private session is that Master Teresa is helping you to feel better immediately according to your needs. Her sessions help balancing physically, emotionally psychologically and support spiritual development. When we practice Chi Gong, although you feel that it is working in the class. Bigger results will happen after continual practicing. A private session gives results instantly and is more encouraging for students who have been struggling certain ailments for a while. Master Teresa can teach you Chi Gong one-on-one too. She may surprise you all much she can help you. Its common for students to first have a session or two with Master Teresa Yeung first before joining a class.

Do I need to practice Chi Gong

With chronic problems, stress, fatigue and spiritual development, joining a Chi Gong class is always right to do. Although Master Teresa Yeung can help you immediately with a personal session, you will long term results by practicing at home. Practicing Chi Gong daily is like taking organic medicines - "Chi". We will say, if your budget is very limited that you are choosing between private session or learning, then we will suggest that you take a class. However, if you issue is an emotional issue, a personal session can likely give you that release the first visit with her which a class cannot offer.

Please ask yourself what is right for you to do.  Then it is the right decison.

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