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Weekly Thursday LiveStream on Facebook Live on Thursdays at 8.45pm and we will invite guest speaker from time to time. The way to join on Facebook Live is to stay on the School page (THE SEVENTH HAPPINESS SCHOOL OF CHI GONG). The Live Stream will show up when she starts to broadcast. It will even be better if you "LIKE" the Facebook page first because Facebook will search for those who has liked the page first when the broadcast is launching.

Our School page is: She also welcome you to invite her as a friend.  



#33 Blueprint for Happiness: Orgone for EMF vs crystals with Master Yeung. Subscribe to Newsletters to receive 3 Gifts:

#32 Blueprint for Happiness - Master Teresa's 94 years old father's blood pressure 200/80 reduced to 120/70 at 94 without medicine;13 years survivor of thyroid cancer.

#31 Blueprint for Happiness - Finding Happiness - Deep Trance Channelling with David Watson

#30 Dr.Jazz, a Traditionally Trained Hatha Yoga Master With Her PhD In Psychology and Therapeutic Counseling

#29 Blueprint for Happiness - Receiving and Giving

#28 Journey of Hafeez Sumani, a Canadian national athlete recovering from his injury. E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for personal sessions for youth and adults in Calgary. April 23,

#27 Interviewed Mike Popovici, an aeropsace material engineer - recovered from severe migraine headaches. April 6

#26 Master Teresa was sending chi to you. Visualizing how to send Chi to change how you feel. Release the Pain physically and emotionally. March 30, 2017

#20 Blueprint for Happiness - Chinese Medicine with Scott Bray DOM, L.Accu. - How to help the Earth, February 17

#19 Blueprint for Happiness - How to use Affirmation,
February 3

#17 Blueprint for Happiness - Clear F.E.A.R. energy? Cooling the Earth Meditation Helps Less Earthquake Volcano Disruption this year. Read our earlier FBLive Jan 19, 2017

#16 Blueprint for Happiness - A "Cooling the Earth Meditation" is channelled by the soul group "Willows" in this Facebook Live. Jan 12, 2017

#25 Clearing Spirts in Home with Master Chen from Brazil, March 23, 2017

#24 Master Chen on Tao Yin Hun Yuan Chi Gong, March 16, 2017

#23 Interviewed Saud Juman, CEO, energy healer and speaker about "What is your real identity?" March 9, 2017

#22 Cooling the Earth Meditation with Master Teresa, March 2, 2017

#21 Master Teresa spoke on how to release aches and pain, February 23, 2017

#18 Blueprint for Happiness _ Jill Fischer_Meditation, January 28


#14 Blueprint for Happiness - Prediction 2017 - Deep Trance Reading with David Watson Dec 29, 2016.

#13 Blueprint for Happiness - How to pickup the "Joy Energy " of Christmas Dec 22, 2016

#12 Blueprint for Happiness - Listen to Your Heart - Find your PathDec 15, 2016

#11 Blueprint for Happiness _ A few things we learned in school_Release difficult feelings about Bills to Pay, Dec. 8

#10 Blueprint for Happiness - Rebalance the Body, A Mini Session on Forgive and Let Go, Los Angeles Dec 1

#9 Blueprint for Happiness - Chi is like Water, Introduce the book Power vs Force "Surrender, Shame and Guilt" Nov 24

#8 Blueprint for Happiness - How to visualize a good night sleep, Feel the Chi Technique, British Columbia Nov 17

Enjoy the Sunrise on BC Ferries, Vancouver Islands, British Columbia, 2016

#7 Blueprint for Happiness - Forgive -  Emotions with Heart Chi Gong - Past Life Regression with David Watson - Short Meditation Nov 10



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