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Protect your vital life force energy

Stop people stealing your energy

Share prescription Qi Gong movements quickly and easily

Many professionals and therapists are aware of the benefits of Chi Gong (also referred as Qi Gong) breathing exercises. While they  understand that their clients and family will greatly benefit practicing Qi Gong, they are not aware that they can also be the teachers too.

This program may be just perfect for you if you want to give more love to your clients for better results.

This certification program is specially designed to fast track learning and teaching process. It is simple, short, easy and practical and it works.  Master Teresa has simplified and organized the traditional lengthy way of learning into short and quick ways.  The teachings will help you to make quick decisions on what to teach your clients for their health needs.

For example:

"you can make a decision to share Medical A.C.T.  Chi Gong with the clients lying down, sitting or standing position"

"you will guide the clients to relax and share some Medical A.C.T. Chi Gong movements going through some steps"

" a nutritionist, naturopath can share a Chi Gong movement to help digestive problems"

"a physician can share a Chi Gong movement to relax to help anxiety"

"a naturopath can share a Chi Gong movement to ease asthma"

"a mental health counsellor can share a Chi Gong movement to release negative thoughts"

 Bilbo Regular

Bilbo Regular

This program has great value to you and it is not difficult to share Chi Gong with our teachings.  Learn how to protect yourself from depleting energy.  Learn how to quickly recharge your energy may be some of the good reasons to join this program.  You can choose to just learn one level or finish all the levels as you choose.  A certificate will be presented for each level of achievement.:

  • Level 1: Learn how to share some simple and useful Chi Gong movements quickly and easily 
  • Level 2: Learn how to prescribe Chi Gong movements for specific health needs 
  • Level 3: Learn how to prescribe advanced Chi Gong movements for specific health needs


Bilbo Regular


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