The Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada, has certified THE SEVENTH HAPPINESS SCHOOL OF CHI GONG, under subparagraphs 118.5(1) (a) (ii) and 118.6(1) (a) (ii)of the Canadian Income Tax Act as an educational institution. When you join our Certification Programs, the fees paid to The Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong for Certification Programs by the students for the purpose of the tuition, education and textbooks qualify as eligible tuition expenses for Income Tax purposes.

We sincerely offer you:

  1. Medical Chi Gong Certification Program for Healthcare Professionals and Therapists

  2. General Instructors Program in person or online

  3. Ancient Fa Chi Healing Program for General Practitioners (5 Levels, Online course is available for Level 1 soon)

  4. Ancient Fa Chi Healing Program for Acupuncturists (12 CE NCCAOM APPROVED) 

  5. 2-Day Chi Gong for Yoga Instructors

  6. Feng Shui Home Blessings Program

     7. You are What You Eat Nutrition 101


Medical Chi Gong Certification Program for Health Care Professionals and Therapists


Empower your clients by giving them new tools

  • Treat yourself by adding a new modality to your practice
  • Learn to share a few simple, useful and practical medical chi gong movements to your clients
  • Learn to rebalance, re-energize and shield your energy from depleting

Introduction and Advanced levels

No experience is needed

3 Days for each level


General Instructors Program


Empower your communities by sharing Chi Gong Program

  • Level 1: Learn to teach a full form of Chi Gong -  Level 1
  • Level 2: Learn to teach 2  full form of Chi Gongs -  Level 2
  • Level 3: Learn to teach Wu's Medical Chi Gong Level 3 and more
  • Specialized forms

Level 1:  40 hours

Each level has separate requirements.

Instructors require to practice Chi Gong regularly and demand perfection in their performance.


Ancient Fa Chi Healing Program for General Practitioners



Empower your life and start a practice

  • Learn to send chi to others to promote healing and balancing (Chi Gong Healing is similar to reiki, prana etc. but more detailed and focused for different parts of the body)
  • Introduction and Level 1; Level 2, 3 - physical balancing
  • Level 4 - emotional balancing
  • Level 5 - remote healing, scanning leading to Skype and telephone healing

No experience is needed.

Practitioners require regular daily Chi Gong practice to improve their ability to channel Chi.



Ancient Fa Chi Healing Program for Acupuncturists

Empower your practice and speed up the healing process

Introduction - Level 3

    • Learn to send chi to others
    • Learn to send chi to the needles

Level 4 - emotional balancing

Level 5 - remote healing

No experience is needed

Program is designed for acupuncturists who are interested to send chi.



Chi (Qi) Gong for Yoga Instructors

Empower yoga instructors for sharing Medical Chi Gong

  • Basic (2-Day Workshop)
  • Intermediate (3-Day Workshop)
  • Advanced (3-Day Workshop)


Online Courses

- Blueprint for Success in Your Holistic Business

- You Are What You Eat Nutrition 101


Online Course Coming



Bilbo Regular

We offer EDUCAIONAL TAX RECEIPTS  like what you get attending an university.  Our programs are  designed for those passionate about helping the communties.  We support you !!

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