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It is extremely rare that a female becomes the successor of her master’s Chi Gong lineage. Throughout the ages, the blessings and teachings of the master are only passed on to a worthy male student. 

Master Teresa® was a dedicated student of Master Wu Weizao’s Chi Gong lineage.  For 12 years, Master Wu taught his eager student and together evolved his forms of Mountain Chi Gong to suit the lifestyles of western cultures.  He taught her his highly successful Wu’s Eye Chi Gong® that has helped millions of people across the globe improve their eyesight. Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® was the subject of a three-year scientific longitudinal research study in China, involving a 100-person medical team and 4000 documented clinical cases. With a 90 percent success rate, children throughout China today still practice eye exercises every day and very few of them need to wear eyeglasses.

Beyond Traditional Chi Gong

Upon Wu's passing in 2006, Master Wu bestowed upon her the Wu's Chi Gong lineage.  While Master Teresa® continues to honor Master Wu and his Chi Gong, her philosophy is that life is about feeling joy and abundance. Her spiritual growth led her to develop a new Chi Gong system: Pureland Qi Gong® that expands beyond the traditional Chinese Chi Gong system, which only teaches how to move the Chi to balance the physical body. It lacks teaching how to balance the emotional, psychological and mental bodies.

Her new art of healing is cutting edge.  In her Pureland Qi Gong®, she raises consciousness, expands knowledge with new teachings to accelerate integrative healing of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states.  

She and her school welcome you to Pureland Qi Gong® for Joy and Abundance.

become a certified

Pureland Qi Gong® System

You may find it interesting that there are different ways to become a Chi Gong Instructor. We have a fasttrack intensive program to teach a more simpler form for the practical-minded, which can be learned by participating in a 2-day workshop like "Chi Gong for Yoga". Other instructors may want a more detailed and personalized training program, which will require between 4 months to half a year to complete in order to learn the more in-depth movements and forms. The School has various chi gong form systems that can serve your needs. We hope you'll share Chi Gong in your communities.

 Below are some of our formal training programs:

  1. Chi Gong Instructor Program Level 1
  2. Chi Gong Instructor Program Level 2
  3. Senior Chi Gong instructor Program
  4. Master Chi Gong Instructor Program 



1.  Instructor Level 1 of Pureland Qi Gong®:  

  • Fulfilled the instructor training to competently complete the Master Wu's Level 1 and The Seventh Happiness® Level 1 


2. Instructor Level 2 of Pureland Qi Gong® :

  • Fulfilled the learnings and training teaching Master Wu's Level 2 and The Seventh Happiness® Level 1


3. Senior Instructor of Pureland Qi Gong® :  

  • Fulfilled the instructor training to competently complete Pureland Qi Gong® Level 2 and two other Chi Gong forms (a total of 4 Chi Gong forms) with at least 200 hours of community teachings 

  • Fa Chi Level 1


  • Fulfilled the instructor training to master Pureland Qi Gong® Level 2 and at least 400 hours of community teachings

  • Fa Chi Level 1,2 and 3 


4. Master Chi Gong Instructor of Pureland Qi Gong®

  • Fullfilled the instructor training to master 7 kinds of Chi Gong forms 

  • Fa Chi Level 1, 2, 3

  • Consistently teaching for at least 5 years and accumulate over 500 hours of community teachings 


Qualifying Test is required in all levels

* Income Tax Deductible in Canada


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