Bilbo Regular

Bilbo Regular

For your spiritual growth

Feel the Chi and discover a the deeper meaning of Chi to you

Increase your Income by 30% to 100% a month 


Rare Program Ever Offered in the World Learning from a Generational Chi Gong Master that Scans and Sees Chi.
Become Certified to Fa Chi  ( 發氣 )

Learn to "Fa Chi to Needles" for Acupuncturists - Level 1 (ACHB452 - 12 CE Units )

Presenter:  Master Teresa Yeung

Day 1:

  • Learn how to relax the mind and body with Qi Gong movements
  • Learn to improve feeling of the Qi
  • Learn to pull Qi
  • Learn how to use breathing techniques to relax acupuncturists and their clients
  • Learn to ground your Qi and feel more centred
  • Learn new movements on how to connect your Qi with the universal energy with deeper visualization
  • Learn to connect your Qi and visualize clearing your negative Qi in your body
  • Learn to rebalance connect deeply with your mind to bring positive universal Qi to you and allow Qi to flow through you
  • Students will be guided to bring positive Qi to themselves, their clients 

Day 2:

  • Learn to recharge acupuncturist energy before and after work
  • Learn new techniques on how to emit Qi safely and not depleting your Qi
  • Learn how to shield one's energy
  • Learn how to connect better with clients by relaxing each other  with breathing techniques
  • Learn how to release negative energy after treatment
  • Learn to teach Qi Gong movements
  • Students will practice Qi emission on each other with sitting and lying down positions on the needles
  • Experiment mind over matter and that visualization is a powerful tool to help clients trust the acupuncture treatment more
  • Learn to share different Qi Gong movements to clients for home practice.
  • Practice more on how to emit Qi to needles and different areas of the body
  • Learn to sense Qi on each other to improve our feelings of Qi

Level 2  Advanced Chi Balancing Techniques

Level 3  Advanced Chi Balancing Techniques

Level 4  Emotional Balancing without Counselling

Level 5  Remote Healing and scanning.  All you need is a computer and telephone to earn a living in any parts of the world. True financial freedom.

A few videos of acupuncturists sending Chi in 2 days !




Bilbo Regular

We offer EDUCAIONAL TAX RECEIPTS  like what you get attending an university.  Our programs are  designed for those passionate about helping the communties.  We support you !!

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 We welcome your inquires, please call us at 905-707-6558 or email:  PurelandqigongThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you wish to experience Master Teresa's teachings immediately, please visit this page with many Self-Healing Tools


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