Are you drawn to healing work like you have a calling?

Become Certifed as a Fa Chi Si 

Fa Chi means project energy

Si means professional or practitioner 


Master Teresa created a safe way for you so you can do chi healing sessions without depleting your Chi.

This is enjoyable and rewarding to help others while growing your own Chi. This works and you can have more enjoyment in life moving the chi, feeling stronger, happier, build your confidence and attract good people into your life. 

Learning from a good teacher especially a female master can be perfect fit for you.

Jumpstart with us:

  • learn to heal using Master Teresa ® and Grandmaster Wu's techniques
  • use the traditional way of Chi (Qi) healing - "no-touching" method
  • learn many fast track specialized and unique hands-on methods
  • learn how to not lose our Qi and become sick when healing others
  • learn to heal safely, easily and effectively
  • become trained to open up and bring Chi (Qi) into your body
  • protect your energy from being sucked away by other people
  • become stronger and confident energy healer
  • learn to heal in sitting, standing and lying positions
  • learn to teach simple yet effective Qi Gong to clients

The use of the program is enormous, for example:

  • anyone who loves energy work and become a Fa Qi Si
  • a daughter can learn how to help the old aging mother who needs lots of help
  • an acupuncturist can learn how to send Qi to needles
  • a nutritionist can send Qi to balance the clients after giving advises
  • a chiropractors can send Qi to ease the pain of patients
  • a Reiki Master wants to increase his/her ability to send Qi 

Level 1 

(A) General practitioners with no TCM and no acupuncture knowledge

(B) Acupuncturists and TCM practitioners, click here

Learn how to project your Chi and channel chi to send out safely. This is very useful and helps the facilitator to enjoy their growth in the process.

You will expereince how chi can heal immediatley and learn Qi Gong too.

Level 2

  •  Learn how to balance the arms, legs, lower back issues, internal organs

Level 3

  • Learn how to balance physical issues, colour healing, charkas and meridians/channels

Level 4

  •  Learn how to use Chi to  balance feelings without counselling for self-love, anger, forgivess and grief. 

Level 5

  •  Learn to bring the chi to support remote sensing and healing. A chance to build your online career so you do not need to travel to an office to work.

A Certificate of Attendance will be presented on the last day of the program to each practitioner



The Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong is a certified educational institute offering four Medical Qi Gong Cerification Programs for those who like to join the Mission bringing Qi Gong to the world. Students will be provided an offical educational receipt T2202A for income tax purposes.

Master Teresa always likes to hear from you and answer your questions. She likes to design a system that works for you and your schedule.


No Prequisite: 

  • Our "Fa Chi" workshops are mostly hands-on. 
  • You will be guided to attune and connnect to the highest source of energy. Students always feel blissful and achieve a high achievement.
  • Due to the enormous amount of energy we are channeling with Master Teresa's help, you do feel tired at times. Therefore, for the best experience and your own healing, the design of the workshops are put together with more days and shorter duration in each class. You cannot jump levels in your learning.


Bilbo Regular


An Analytic Review of Studies on Measuring Effects of External Qi in China, 2004

Bilbo Regular

We offer EDUCAIONAL TAX RECEIPTS  like what you get attending an university.  Our programs are  designed for those passionate about helping the communties.  We support you !!

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 Bilbo Regular

Bilbo Regular

Grow Spiritually so your fun will go beyond just inserting a needle

Increase income and continue to grow

Have much fun working with the Chi 


Learn to "Fa Chi to Needles" for Acupuncturists - Level 1 (ACHB452 - 12 CE Units )

Presenter:  Master Teresa Yeung

Day 1:

  • Learn how to relax the mind and body with Qi Gong movements
  • Learn to improve feeling of the Qi
  • Learn to pull Qi
  • Learn how to use breathing techniques to relax acupuncturists and their clients
  • Learn to ground your Qi and feel more centred
  • Learn new movements on how to connect your Qi with the universal energy with deeper visualization
  • Learn to connect your Qi and visualize clearing your negative Qi in your body
  • Learn to rebalance connect deeply with your mind to bring positive universal Qi to you and allow Qi to flow through you
  • Students will be guided to bring positive Qi to themselves, their clients 

Day 2:

  • Learn to recharge acupuncturist energy before and after work
  • Learn new techniques on how to emit Qi safely and not depleting your Qi
  • Learn how to shield one's energy
  • Learn how to connect better with clients by relaxing each other  with breathing techniques
  • Learn how to release negative energy after treatment
  • Learn to teach Qi Gong movements
  • Students will practice Qi emission on each other with sitting and lying down positions on the needles
  • Experiment mind over matter and that visualization is a powerful tool to help clients trust the acupuncture treatment more
  • Learn to share different Qi Gong movements to clients for home practice.
  • Practice more on how to emit Qi to needles and different areas of the body
  • Learn to sense Qi on each other to improve our feelings of Qi

Level 2

A few videos of acupuncturists sending Chi in 2 days !




Bilbo Regular

We offer EDUCAIONAL TAX RECEIPTS  like what you get attending an university.  Our programs are  designed for those passionate about helping the communties.  We support you !!

  delicate 1490231 640





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