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Bilbo Regular

Bilbo Regular


Learn from a Generational Chi Gong Master 
Feel the Chi 
You Might Even See the Chi
Faster Results
More Choices
Rare Program Ever Offered in the World
Become Certified to Fa Chi  ( 發氣 )
Level 1 is 2 Days 12 CE Units

Master Teresa, a well sorted Chi healer loves teaching and sharing her findings and experience in her 20 years of Chi Gong.  In her 20 years of practice, she has clients comiing to her and tell her that some acupuncture treatments work and they had good results.  Howeve, they found that it did not help them any more although they worked beore.  Other clients would say, they tried acupuncture and that it does not work even though they have tried over a few months even over a year.  

Humbly Master Teresa does not boast on herself but she does heal from a distance and send Chi to clients without any needles.  She does group healing in Health Expo with hundreds of people getting her healings in the same room remotely.  Her one session gives result often  immediately.  Her one session can equal many sessions of others. 

Chi needs to be enhanced and she loves to share her findings with acupunturists. 

Master Teresa feels that she finds acupuncturists can definitely empower and treat more people efficiently if they include her A.C.T. techniques in treatment.  There is much to learn and we know you will love learning more about energy healing.  Chi is the based of Acupuncture and its cannot be better to send Chi naturall from you.

In a session, you will be channeling Chi from the divine and project to your clients. As you know, this kind of miraculous way of healing needs to be learned from a Chi Gong Master. 

Here is a program that is designed for you to make your life and treatments working a lot better than before !

  •   learn to heal using Master Teresa ® and Grandmaster Wu's techniques
  •   use the tradional way of Qi healing - "no-touching" method
  •   learn many fast track hands-on methods
  •   learn how to not lose our Qi and become sick when healing others
  •   learn to heal safely, easily and effectively
  •   become trained to open up and bring Qi into your body
  •   protect your energy from being sucked away by other people
  •   become stronger and confident energy healer
  •   learn to heal in sitting, standing and lying positions
  •   learn to teach simple yet effective Qi Gong to clients


Level 1  Chi Balancing through Needles or without Needles

Level 2  Advanced Chi Balancing Techniques

Level 3  Advanced Chi Balancing Techniques

Level 4  Emotional Balancing without Counselling

Level 5  Remote Healing, Scanning  without Needles

A few videos of acupuncturists sending Chi in 2 days !




Bilbo Regular

We offer EDUCAIONAL TAX RECEIPTS  like what you get attending an university.  Our programs are  designed for those passionate about helping the communties.  We support you !!

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 We welcome your inquires, please call us at 905-707-6558 or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you wish to experience Master Teresa's teachings immediately, please visit this page with many Self-Healing Tools