Move the Energy-Chi  and CHANGE YOUR LIFE

with MASTER TERESA® from East Coast

Group Learning, Balance Emotions & Healing 

SURREY Nov 10 2015 Tuesday 7-8.45pm

@ Seventh Heaven Bio Salon

a healer, teacher, medical intuitive and author - is regarded as one of the foremost experts in Chi Gong healing techniques in North America. The sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage, Master Teresa is the founder of The Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong, the creator of Master Teresa® Accelelerated Chi Techniques A.C.T., and the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong®

     masterteresa 2015

Learn Chi Gong, a 5,000 years old art of self-healing

described sometimes as 

"Moving Meditation with Visualization"

"Acupuncture with Needles"

 "Chinese Yoga" 

This evening Nov 10 at 7- 8.45pm

Powerful Demonstrations and Learning

Move the energy and change your life

Release Physical and Emotions Stresses  

            1. Heal your body pain eg. migraines and arthritis
            2. Anti-aging, autoimmune problems
            3. digestive problems,
            4. regulate weight
            5. Get rid of anxiety and stress
            6. Heal the healers
            7. Balance emotions healing traumas
            8. How Chi Gong can Heal the healers
            9. Balance hormones
            10. Boost sexual energy

Location: Seventh Heaven Bio Salon

12185 Beecher St, Surrey, BC 

$30 a person  or  $50 for Two 

Pay at the Door





Ancient Chinese "Fa Chi" Program 

Level 1

SURREY  Nov 11-13 Wed-Fri | 6-8:30pm 

fa chi masterteresa

 Guided teachings on How to Send Energy-Chi

First Master Teresa will cleanse your energy from Inside 

Learn to self-healing your energy field

You will learn how to accept energy healing

Channel Chi and Help Others

No need to Touch 

A beautiful addition to your practice


 No experience is needed as long as you are an experienced energy practitioner of other modalities.

Visit this page and watch the BEFORE and AFTER session done by our training FA CHI healers

Location:  #15, 2303 Cranley Drive, Surrey, BC   

  $550 Education Tax Receipt will be provided. Tax Deductible   




Nov 9 - 15

SURREY 1-Day Medical Chi Gong

Nov 15 Sun 9:30-3:30pm

Location: #15, 2303 Cranley Drive, Surrey 

- learn Grandmaster Wu's Health & Fitness Chi Gong overall health that helped thousands of people successfully

- learn self-healing techniques include how to self-emitting chi to promote healing like doing acupuncture on yourself without needles

- home practice DVD will be given as part of the workshop ($50 value)

Free Chi Gong ebook

Nov 15 Sunday, 9:30-3:30pm  $150

Register eye banner 

    Improve vision by self-practicing medical chi gong for the eyes

   - researched on 4,000 people in 3 year-repetitive studies *  90% success rate

- home practice DVDs will be given as part of the workshop (sold on line for $150)

Nov 15 Sunday, 5:00-6:30pm  $188 include 3 DVDs


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Vancouver Vital Health Clinic 

Nov 14 Saturday 10.30-12.15pm 

Group Learning, Balance Emotions & Healing 

Location: Vital Health Clinic Kitsilano

$30 a person  or  $50 for  2



Nov 9 - 15

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Calgary Chi Gong Workshop


Nov 17 click here

Nov 18 click here 



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