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The purpose of this book is written with much love to help people release and recover from low vibration emotions that cause anxiety, stress and sadness, which may eventually lead to physical illness. Through the use of Chi Gong breathing exercises, I have developed the mindful "Heart Chi Gong" form with breathing techniques to erase negative emotions. You will be interested to know that although Chi Gong is 5,000 years old, there is not much books about using Chi Gong to balance traumatic emotions.  In my life, I have had my own traumas have turned out to be my greatest blessing, as they set me on the path to where I am today.


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"The benefits of Chi Gong are powerful. However, the real power comes from learning it from someone who can empower you with it's teachings and philosophy.  I will recommend Master Teresa and her new book  Unlocking Your Power Within: Living the Life You Choose with Chi Gong to everyone as we all deserve freedom and harmony in this chaotic world."

- Sal Costa, Martial Artist and Platinum Selling,  #1 Billboard USA Recording Artist


Master Teresa has created a truly insightful book, which outlines powerful pathways to the healing energy that is the very essence of Heart Chi Gong.”  

– Arthur Lockhart, Founder Emeritus of The Gatehouse Charitable Foundation

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“The physical heart is the organ, which fails more often than any other. Heart Chi Gong is a masterful approach for releasing the cumulative psychological trauma underlying all heart disease.”

–  C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD., Founder and CEO of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine

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This book is a great manual for anyone who wants to master their emotionsand healing  through Chi Gong. Master Teresa has done an amazing job of explaining this ancient art and making it accessible to a wide range of audiences. 

– Natalie Ledwell, Best-Selling Author of Never In Your Wildest Dreams, Co-Founder of Mind Movies


“I am a huge fan of Master Teresa’s work and talent. She has revolutionized traditional CHI Gong techniques for today’s world.  I have experienced it and am deeply moved by her practice. I highly recommend Master Teresa’s excellent book, and her tremendous services!”

Debbi Dachinger, media personality, syndicated radio host, coach


“Master Teresa is a gem. Her dedication to Chi Gong and the pure joy she exudes is a light that welcomes those wanting greater health, happiness and harmony.  If you are facing challenges, practice.  When times are good, practice. The results will be a life filled with greater ease and the inner strength to move beyond any challenge into a new and brighter future.”

– Dr. Lin Morel, Multi-dimensional Coaching









“I'm all about Unlocking Your Happiness Within and am grateful to Master Teresa Yeung for creating a methodology within the age-old wisdom of Chi Gong that helps guide people to do it. Her Heart Chi Gong is a simple, elegant and practical tool that goes anywhere you are, and helps you make that place peaceful, love-filled and happy.” 

- Valerie René Sheppard, #1 bestselling author of Living Happy to Be ME!and CEO of The Heart of Living Vibrantly Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery


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  “Master Teresa is an amazing healer, Chi Gong Master and speaker. She is passionate about helping to heal the world starting with one person at a time. Most important, Master Teresa cares about her   family, her friends and her students.” 

  – Mark Alyn, Award winning host and producer of Late Night Health Radio

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