Welcome to The Seventh Happiness® School of Chi Gong, a place to find healing, teachings and make new friends through the practice of Chi Gong.

Master Teresa® has been a medical Chi Gong intuitive healer and teacher for 20 years. Accomplished speaker and author, she teaches classes through The Seventh Happiness® School of Chi Gong based in Toronto and also through regular international workshops.

Successor to the late Chi Gong Grandmaster Wu Wei-Zhao, Master Teresa® expanded his knowledge into a new system known as Pureland Qi Gong®. It is based upon Master Wu’s and other traditional Chinese Chi Gong systems, which primarily focus on moving Chi to balance the physical body.

The Pureland Qi Gong® is a cutting-edge Chi Gong practice, as it raises consciousness to expand awareness. It accelerates healing through the integration of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies.

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Some classes  

Weekly Monday starting July 31 at 7pm - Destress and Health with Chi Gong with Philip

Weekly Saturday starting Aug 5 at 9am - Meditation and Chi Gong with Alex

Handwriting Analysis with Elaine and Orgone Wellness - Aug 25 Friday at 7pm

Weekly Wed starting Sept 6 at 10am - Destress and Health with Chi Gong with T Moser

Mississauga (Weekly Friday starting Sept 4)  - Destress and Health with Chi Gong with T Moser

Sunday August 20 - Eye Chi Gong with Master Teresa 3pm

Chi Gong for Yoga Teacher CertificationTraining - 2 Day Sept 2 an 3

Skype and In person in Thornhill most days (Wed is at the Carrot Common)

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The Teacher You have Been Looking For

Master Teresa Yeung Generational Chi Gong Master

20 Years of Chi Gong. Successor to Grandmaster Wu's Linkage 5,000 years of Chi Gong. Creator of Wu's Eye Qi Gong Program. She enjoys travelling to different cities to expand her teachings and show people how to be in charge of their life with the help of Chi Gong.

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